Dorsum® is an innovative embossing system for lacquered surfaces

DORSUM® is a registered patent finishing system that allows creating never-seen-before embossing effects for the Interior Design sector.

DORSUM® is not a laminated product.

Thanks to DORSUM®, created with an innovative and high-precision process, any type of embossing is possible.

DORSUM® provides a clean and ready to paint embossed decoration thus reducing production time and with no minimum order.

The DORSUM® finishing system is compatible with all the major types of lacquers or paints available on the market.

How does DORSUM® work?

DORSUM® is created using an innovative production process that allows forming customized embossing on any flat surface: a piece of furniture, a wall, a floor or a door.

Once the embossing has been created with DORSUM® the treated element typically does not require any additional preparation. It can be painted or lacquered using standard plant production lines.

What types of embossing can be created with DORSUM®?

Full customization is possible. DORSUM® allows maximum freedom of customization.

Do you have a ceramic decoration to emboss so that it matches the furniture you are manufacturing ? Or you have been requested to replicate a special embossed detail ?

Any decorative pattern can be replicated using DORSUM® on a door, a piece of furniture door, a panel or a flat surface. Creating finishings to include in a catalog is easy and just as easy it is to replace them and this without having to incur in costs additional to the standard cost of producing your catalog.

With DORSUM® the embossing decoration can be selected from our catalog or you may request us to design it for you or your own designer may do it for you.

DORSUM®can be used also when producing an individual piece.

DORSUM® 2020 Catalog

Geometrical decoration series

Nature-inspired decoration series

Arabesque decoration series


DORSUM® | New Surfaces

If your production calls for unique pieces or a production in series or if you work in the contract sector and manufacture custom furnishing for stores, hotels, and cruise ships choose DORSUM® to make your product unique.


DORSUM® has obtained from Cosmob the certifications for use as vertical walls in the furniture sector.

Thanks to DORSUM® your products will no longer be the same.