DORSUM®, A Galilean intuition

A unique project, an original philosophy born with the aim of creating, in the furniture industry, a totally customizable type of finish: this is DORSUM®, a new patent pending system of relief finishing for lacquered surfaces.

An idea whose prestigious name refers to one of the most interesting Galilean insights: this is how, not surprisingly, Galileo Galilei defined the formations found on the Moon and the planets Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Unique formations, unique like  DORSUM®.

What term could better represent a project based on the creation of reliefs than this?

DORSUM®, the uniqueness protagonist of each piece of furniture

Let the details make a difference and make every surface stand out with custom embossed decorations in texture, gloss, thickness and color.

DORSUM® is the key to ensuring that uniqueness is the protagonist of every piece of furniture: from the doors to the cabinet doors, from the splash guards to the rear shower and rear basin panels, the planar volume is embellished with single or multi-level decorations, in which every detail it is carefully positioned in order to avoid repetitions and to be able to use the play of light.

Choose DORSUM® means allowing each room to stand out in an innovative and original way, each wall décor element to harmoniously match, in graphics and shades, the wallpaper behind, in a perfect total look.

Let's emboss



wood | aluminium | glass | plastics